Math News

Engage New York

These documents are created to give parents and students a better understanding of the math concepts found in Eureka Math (2013 Common Core , Inc.) that is also posted as the Engage New York material which is taught in the classroom. 


Kindergarten Newsletters

Kg. Module 1.pdf   Kg. Module 2.pdf

Kg. Module 3.pdf   Kg. Module 4.pdf

Kg. Module 5.pdf   Kg. Module 6.pdf


1st Grade Newsletters

Module 1.pdf   Module 2.pdf

Module 3.pdf   Module 4.pdf

Module 5.pdf


2nd Grade Newsletters

2nd Module 1.pdf    2nd Module 2.pdf   

        2nd Module 3.pdf    2nd Module 4.pdf           

        2nd Module 5.pdf    2nd Module 6.pdf           

2nd Module 7.pdf    2nd Module 8.pdf    


3rd Grade Newsletters

3rd Module 1.pdf    3rd Module 2.pdf

 3rd Module 3.pdf   3rd Module 4.pdf

3rd Module 5.pdf   3rd Module 6.pdf

3rd Module 7.pdf